CBD Pillows

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Product Description

Trouble Sleeping?
Try a CBD pillow from Beds & Beds!

CBD may help manage restlessness, pain, and stress—which all affect your quality of sleep. By addressing one of those root causes, CBD can improve your sleep.

We have CBD pillows in three varieties:
-Shoulder cutout Zoned Dough which is ideal for side sleepers.
-Activedough foam which is a uniquely blended memory foam that offers the feel and support of latex foam, with the cushion and pressure relief of traditional memory foam.
-Zoned Dough which is a premium memory foam that is more responsive, supportive, and pressure relieving for the head and neck than traditional memory foam.

Each pillow in our CBD line includes a CBD infusion and a soothing sage scent, a refreshing CBD spritzer, and a natural cotton cover.